Successful Vending

To really experience a successful vending program, sign up with US Vending today! The following are a few keys to a successful vending program:


Product Selection

One of the most common mistakes in vending is to offer too many products in your machine – it can lead to your employees thinking the machine is always empty, and you thinking that we aren’t doing a good job servicing your machine.

For example, if a machine has 9 selection buttons, you shouldn’t necessary offer 9 different flavors. If Diet Coke is your highest selling product, then your machine will run out of Diet Coke much more quickly than the other products, leaving your employees with the idea that the machine is “always out of Diet Coke…”
By limiting your machines to 4-5 selections, you ensure that your employees have a good selection of products and a machine filled with them.

Also, the most popular product in the At-Work Channel is the 20oz Bottle… offering more soda and being re-sealable, the 20oz bottle package is the most convenient, cost effective beverage choice.

Machine Type

Bigger is better! The larger the machine, the more sodas it can hold, and the longer it can go without needing a refill. Chose a location that can accommodate the largest machine possible.


If you don’t call… then we can’t help. If there is a problem with the machine, call us immediately and we will dispatch the appropriate person to deal with the issue. All too often we don’t hear about the problem until the driver returns to your location.

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