National Accounts

Every Machine Counts.and every machine adds up to commissions that fall to your company's bottom line!

With comprehensive commission statements, a consolidated commission check and history of payments, US Vending’s Consolidated Vending Program puts you in control of the cash flow through the machines placed at your locations. And with a single point of contact for all service needs, you and your employees know exactly who to contact when they need to get something done.

Whether you have 1 location… or 1,000, we manage the details of the day-to-day vending operations at your locations so that you and your employees don’t have to. And by consolidating your locations under a single, managed account, you create a valuable asset for your company… with commissions that fall directly to your bottom line.

Our consolidated vending program provides:

  • The machines, product and service for each location – at no cost to you whatsoever
  • Detailed monthly commission statements itemizing sales by machine at each
        location rolled up into a single commission check*
  • A Single point of contact for all customer service
  • Continual review and analysis of your overall account to ensure that the right types of
        machines are placed and that your locations are receiving the highest level of
        customer service.
  • To learn more about a consolidated vending program for your company, please call us and we will show you the value of placing your machines under a managed account.

    To see an example of a consolidated National Account, click here.


    * Individual checks and statements can be mailed to each location if desired, with a detailed summary statement sent to your office each month.


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