Full Service Vending Overview

No Cost for Product, Service or Equipment…
All You Do Is Provide Space for the Machine

We provide the machine, the product and the service – at no cost to you. All you have to do is provide space for the machine. Call US Vending and we will send a representative from our local bottler to your office to determine the best location to place the machine and the product mix to be offered. Once the machine is placed you will enjoy the convenience and refreshment of having a machine in your office.

Competitive Vend Prices & Commissions
Why should your employees have to leave the office (on your time) and pay convenience store prices, anywhere from $1.25 to $1.50 for soda, when you can have the convenience of a lower priced machine right in your office? And as an added bonus, we pay you a commission on every dollar sold through the machine. With comprehensive commission statements, a consolidated check and history of payments, you are assured that US Vending is in control of the cash flow through the machines placed at your locations. So whether you are looking to provide refreshment to your employees, or looking for a way to increase your revenues through commissions….Full Service Vending is the answer.

Leading Brands & Products
As a partner of the Coca-Cola Bottling System, in addition to serving Coca-Cola; the most popular brand in the world, we serve products from the entire Coca-Cola family of products. From diet sodas to fruit juices to water, Coca-Cola’s brands are among the most popular in every category.

Communication & Customer Service
The beauty of our customer service program is in its simplicity…

Immediate reliable service with a single point of contact for all customer service issues…anywhere in the country…anytime, day or night US Vending’s customer service team works closely with you to identify problems and solve them as quickly as possible. Sometimes problems cannot be fixed immediately, but clear communication and managed expectations is the key to a successful relationship.

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