Small to Medium Sized Offices

At US Vending we understand that different customers have different needs. That’s why US Vending works so closely with you to tailor a vending program that fits the specific needs and desires of your company. From working out the right mix of products to the best times to service your machines, we do everything we can to try and meet and exceed the expectations of our customers. Below are just a few examples of small to medium sized businesses that benefit from US Vending’s full service vending program.


ASAP Mailing & Fulfillment

ASAP Mailing & Fulfillment has employees in their warehouse 24 hours a day processing mail and fulfilling orders for their customers. Their business is extremely time sensitive, and they don’t have time to worry about their vending machines. And having machines in the warehouse means that their employees don’t have to leave the premises to grab a quick refreshment and get back to work… making them more productive, saving the company time and money.
Lassiter Architectural Graphics

Lassiter Architectural Graphics is a fabricator of architectural signage specializing in high quality nameplates, room identifications, logos, code signs and other custom specialty signs. Lassiter's office and production staff rely on US Vending's ability to keep their machine filled and working - especially when it's hot and humid during the middle of summer in this Houston, TX suburb.
Paramount Construction Services

Paramount construction services has employees in and out of the office throughout the day. And when their employees return to the office, they are usually tired, hot and in need of refreshment… and there is nothing worse than coming back from a long hard day of work and finding your soda machine out of order. That’s why Paramount chose US Vending’s Full Service Vending program.
Lubbock Bone & Joint Clinic

Lubbock Bone & Joint is a busy medical clinic in Lubbock, TX conducting MRI scans and providing orthopedic services. Providing soda for staff, patients and visitors in their waiting rooms, LB&J needed a reliable vending program that keeps their machines filled and working.
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